Pig Project

In the past funds were given to some young locals in the village of Kra Bie Real to purchase industrial sewing machines – they set up a local tailor shop and repaid the money hence generating jobs in the village. Going forward instead of sending school uniforms to Cambodia we intend to send wads of material and the newly skilled tailors will make the uniforms.

Everything our charity is doing is attempting to make villagers self-sufficient and having the ability to control their futures. No money is provided to families. The Pig Project is also geared towards self-determination. We identify the families in most need of assistance, give them a pig. They fatten the pig and sell to purchase 2 pigs, fatten those and buy 4. When they reach 4 pigs, 1 pig is then moved onto another family and the cycle continues. It is expected that the process will take 12 months before pigs are moved on. Our man on the ground, Lyheng (Operations Manager in Cambodia) will police the project and ensure that the project runs smoothly.
Our aim to buy 150 pigs on the trip to kick start the project and distribute @ $55 per pig. One of our goals of the charity is to ensure that people who donate gain the recognition for their efforts (if they want recognition) and as such we will constantly update the website with photos of the families that people have donated pigs to. As opposed to the Donate a Goat or Cow charities where you don’t know where your money has really gone to – you will be able to track your much appreciated efforts via our website.