Ratha’s story

While distributing food in Kam Pong Kdei we were privileged to meet 11 year old Ratha.

Ratha is the eldest of 3 children and has been profoundly disabled, with no medical intervention, since birth.  His life when we met him comprised of laying naked, on his stomach on a bamboo platform throughout the day before being carried upstairs of a night to lay similarly in the small shelter until morning.  Despite this Ratha’s excitement at meeting his first “barang” (foreigners) was evident by his infectious smile.  The joy he gained out of such a simple change to routine became an inspiration.

Ratha had not been to the village since he was a baby as his mother was unable to carry him and so to enable this remarkable young boy some freedom Help2Help purchased a pram (an item that was completely foreign to the village) and some smart new clothes.

As you can see from the pictures of his first trip it was a small investment that has returned 1000 fold.  A donation of around $100 has completely transformed this young life bringing joy and freedom to both Ratha and his excited family.

We will continue to monitor Ratha and facilitate mobility as he gets older.