A Step In The Right Direction

Whilst delivering food packages to the poorest of villagers in Kampong Kdei we were touched by the abject poverty in which a great majority of villagers live. We came across an elderly woman who lived in nothing more than an open air shack with her daughter and grandchild. Following her blind and disabled daughter’s brutal rape some time ago this woman has been forced to provide care on a daily basis for her grandson born of that act. Without a capacity for work, survival is a daily battle with food scarce. Food packages costing $7.00 AUD per week are being provided to this woman.

While assistance with education and health are needed for survival, jobs are paramount in providing confidence to villagers to rise from their brutal past. help2help Director of Operations, Lyheng has provided a number of micro-loans to allow villagers to be self-sufficient.

Commercial sewing machines were purchased for a group of young men who now run a tailor’s shop in the village. The loan has been repaid and they are beginning to make a living. That loan will now be used to assist other villagers in becoming more self-sufficent.

Instead of exporting mountains of school uniforms to Cambodia, help2help will now transport rolls of material which will be fashioned into school uniforms locally.