Help Has Arrived!

On October 14th, Emily Webb and Ashlea Webb left for Cambodia, where they delivered much needed resources to impoverished schools in Phumi Kok Slong, Siem Reap.

The 4 days were spent delivering supplies with our Cambodian representative Ly to the most needy areas. Village leaders took the girls around the area, where clothes and food were distributed to the poorest families in the village.

A wheelchair was given to Ratha, which now allows him to further interact within the village, and enables him to attend school where he is learning and making new friends. His family was also provided with a pig, which they can later sell for money.

Ash and Em have gained a lot from this experience. In their words, they have gained new life experiences that have put things into perspective for them. They are humbled to have had this opportunity, and are eager to return to Cambodia in the near future, to further help the community.